Products made with toxic ingredients are everywhere, and washing your clothes isn’t exempt. But did you know that drying your clothes isn’t off limits either? Dryer sheets, the little squares of fabric softener you toss in with your wet items, can put chemical fragrances onto whatever’s in the dryer, even if you’ve be so careful to choose the right detergent. As much as we’d all like to hang our clothes outside, our long winter months and wet weather make dryers pretty necessary, but is there an alternative to dryer sheets?

If you want to move to natural laundry products from conventional, chemically-made ones, dryer balls are the best option and can make a huge difference. They not only improve how your clothes feel after but also how thoroughly they’ll dry!

What are Dryer Balls?

Dryer balls are roughly the size of tennis balls, but don’t let the size fool you- using simple science instead of complicated chemicals, they do everything dryer sheets do and more (sorry, they won’t make for a great game of tennis). One of their main jobs is to assist your dryer in running more efficiently. When a load of sheets or towels is pulled out of the wash, it’s usually a huge, soggy ball of wet cloth. Without dryer balls, this soggy mass will just bounce around, taking much longer to dry. Using dryer balls changes this: as your clothes tumble about in the dryer, the balls work to separate the items from one another, letting the hot air hit more of the fabric and eliminating the moisture much faster. This separation also makes your clothes feel softer and smoother, eliminating the need for fabric softener that can degrade the material.

Dryer balls can be made out of different materials, and while you can find them made of plastic or rubber, wool is best. Not only is it a natural material, but you can add a few drops of essential oil for a natural fragrance or a spritz of water to increase humidity in the dryer and reduce static. If you find the laundry still full of that annoying electricity, it’s probably your dryer, not the dryer balls; static comes when you run your dryer too long, and you’ll notice annoying cling from this with or without wool dryer balls. You can prevent this by running the machine on an energy-saving setting.

The dryer balls need a little space to bounce around, so small-to-regular sized loads will work best. Other than that, they’re quite simple to use: pop ’em in with the wet laundry, start up your machine, and let the dryer balls do the rest!

What are the Benefits of Dryer Balls?

There are so many benefits to tossing in a dryer ball with your laundry. The one you’ll find handiest is how they treat your clothes and help to preserve their integrity. Dryer balls are made to reduce dryer times, get rid of wrinkles, and – best of all – soften your clothes without needing chemically-based fabric softeners and dryer sheets. The fragrances that are so often added to dryer sheets can thus be avoided, letting you steer clear of skin and eye irritants. You’ll also save money not having to buy dryer sheets and fabric softener.

So don’t worry about using common fabric softeners and dryer sheets made with ingredients you either can’t pronounce or, due to trade secrets, can’t know about. For The Love Of Laundry’s dryer balls are made of 100% wool and come in packs of three, meaning you won’t need to keep purchasing products that soften and dewrinkle for years!


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