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A Fresh Start

“DIY detergent creator Melissa Power wants everyone to have access to clean clothes…”

For the Love of Laundry

“Imagine going to a job interview or even just living day-to-day in clothes that haven’t been…”


“This week I visited Melissa Power, founder and owner of For The Love Of Laundry located in…”

Social enterprise founded by former single mom allows less fortunate individuals to do their laundry for free

“She wanted to give back and started donating her soap to different agencies and homeless shelters. She realized the soap couldn’t do much good unless…”

Formerly Single Mom Provides Free Laundry, Dignity For Families In Need

“Though most of us detest Saturdays spent washing and folding, one mom knows that for those who go without, laundry can truly be a luxury. Close to 70 people came to a London, Ontario laundromat last month to do three hours worth of…”

Innovation to Inspire

“A big city with even bigger potential, it is no surprise that London, Ontario continues to produce passionate and dedicated innovators in 2015. As community members continue to inspire…”

For The Love of Laundry opens 2 new outlets & launches new services

“A woman who knows this best is Melissa Power, a formerly single mom who once had difficulties affording basic needs like clean clothes. That’s why she founded For The Love of Laundry, a startup that helps people with low income, or those who are homeless…”

Fund backs affordable housing, Libro backs fund

“For the Love of Laundry, a for-profit business that also offers free laundry days to those in…”

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