About Us

For The Love Of Laundry sells superior-quality, all-natural, homemade laundry products to serve a social purpose. Free laundry events for low income families and individuals in need are funded through product sales and held in collaboration with community-minded laundromats in London, ON.

    Our Mission

    Through the sale of our all natural laundry products, we provide free laundry services to families and individuals in need.

    Our Vision

    Dignity through Clean Clothes

    Our History

    For The Love Of Laundry is the brainchild of Melissa Power, a wife and mother of three who believes in doing what she can to help her community.

    The DIY detergent creator and founder of For The Love Of Laundry remembers a time when doing laundry came down to a choice between getting groceries and paying her bills or taking some of that money to a laundromat.

    “I was a single mom working very hard to support myself and my son”, she remembers. “Now that I’m married and raising three children, I don’t have to make that choice anymore, but I haven’t forgotten what it feels like”.

    The confirmed do-it-yourselfer began making her family’s laundry soap in 2011. After realizing it worked as well, or better, than the brands she’d been buying, she decided it was time to share.

    As an avid community volunteer who was determined that others shouldn’t have to consider doing laundry a luxury, Melissa decided to start hosting free laundry events for families and individuals in need.

    Melissa Power found community-minded laundromats willing to host the event while she provided her FREE laundry soap, coffee and snacks. By August of 2014, the first free laundry event was held in London, ON at PJ’s Laundromat.

    The rest, as they say, is history.

    To date, For The Love Of Laundry has hosted 18 laundry events that have helped 801 people and resulted in  3733 free loads of laundry. For The Love of Laundry has saved families over $15,000.00 in laundry services.

    Several free laundry events are being planned for the future.