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Local and national media coverage of our products and social impact has been very supportive. For The Love Of Laundry would like to thank the many newspaper, radio, online media outlets and bloggers who have spread the word about who we are           and what we do.



A Fresh Start

DIY detergent creator Melissa Power wants everyone to have access to clean clothes...

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Social enterprise founded by former single mom allows less fortunate individuals to do their laundry for free

There’s a dirty little secret behind washing your clothes. For most of us, it’s a mundane chore of wash, dry and fold. But for those on minimal incomes, clean clothes are often a luxury...

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Radio - For the Love of Laundry



Offering free laundry for those down on their luck

Melissa Power has never been homeless, but she has faced the impossible choice between putting food on the table for her two kids and making sure they had clean clothes to wear...

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Formerly Single Mom Provides Free Laundry, Dignity For Families In Need

Though most of us detest Saturdays spent washing and folding, one mom knows that for those who go without, laundry can truly be a luxury. Close to 70 people came to a London, Ontario laundromat last month to do three hours worth of...

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Launching a social enterprise ‘For the Love of Laundry’

Melissa Power remembers vividly the “humbling and sometimes humiliating” experience of having to wait to wash hers and her young son’s clothes because there wasn’t enough money for the laundromat...

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This Lady Provides Free Laundry For Those Who Can’t Afford It

A woman who knows this best is Melissa Power, a formerly single mom who once had difficulties affording basic needs like clean clothes. That’s why she founded For The Love of Laundry, a startup that helps people with low income, or those who are homeless...

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Free laundry event showing it has the legs for success

When Melissa Power launched her For the Love of Laundry initiative she did so not really knowing how well received it would be — but so far, it appears her instincts were right on...

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