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Doing your laundry has never been more rewarding!

For the Love of Laundry is a social enterprise that sponsors free laundry services for low income families and individuals in need. For the Love of Laundry funds these services through the sale of superior-quality, all natural laundry products and through the support of generous sponsors who share our vision of 'Dignity through Clean Clothes!'


We only use eco-friendly, and all natural ingredients in our products. From baking soda and coconut oil, to 100% sheep's wool in our dryer balls.

We use only the best for our customers!

Social Impact

We understand the hardships of being able to afford to wash your clothes. Using money we make from our product sales, we provide free laundry services for those who cannot afford to do it on a regular basis.  That is our way of giving back to our community.


The conventional way to measure the success of a business has always been the bottom line. But the concept of a triple bottom line where social and environmental factors are considered, is a huge bonus. We are very proud to be a triple bottom line business!

Meet Our Founder

Customer Testimonials

"I washed my baby's clothes and my clothes in the same batch of laundry soap!! Usually I separate to have less chemicals for her things. BOTH our laundry was clean, smelled wonderful and your community service is the icing on top!"

- Nicolle W

"The dryer balls are quiet, they cut down on my drying time and they are ridiculously cute! I also love the community giveback! This company has heart - just look at their dryer balls!"

- Lynley R

"I love (LOVE!!) your stain remover seriously works so well! Especially on baby poop stains!"

- Allie B.

"...a magnificent company that never fails when it comes to product performance. Since the beginning, her products have flown off the shelves and left our customers very happy!"

- Roxy, owner at Purdy Natural